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K-Packers are designed to provide a sand tight seal between the well screen and casing and are typically used on the top of telescope size screens in the water well, construction and environmental drilling industries. K-Packers eliminate contamination of underground water sources from intrusion of surface pollutants by effectively sealing the casing to the bore hole. They also eliminate cross contamination of underground water source by sealing out zones of mud, high mineral content water, or other pollutants. Canpipe stocks these for 6” and 4” casings sizes.

drive shoes

Drive Shoes

Drive shoes are designed to protect the pipe or casing from splitting during casing advancement. Canpipe offers drive shoes ranging in sizes from 5 ½” – 8 5/8” in either cable tool or rotary style for weld on or threaded applications.

pitless adaptors

Pitless Adaptors

The primary function of the pitless adapter is to provide a junction for the drop pipe in the well to connect to the water line running to the house. Not only does this greatly reduce the chances of surface water contamination through the top of the well, it provides an easy point of entry for well maintenance. The pitless adapter is used to connect submersible well pump discharge pipe to the horizontal pipe entering the house. The adapter includes two pieces that slide together to create a water-tight seal, allowing the pump to be removed from the well for service without digging the horizontal run of pipe.

Typical sizing for the pitless adapter is generally placing in a 5” – 12” diameter casing and with either a 1” or 1 ¼” drop pipe. Other sizes available upon request.

shale traps

Shale Traps

Shale Traps are constructed of neoprene rubber for elasticity and strength. Shale Traps are designed to support a grout column above the producing zone to seal between the casing and the bore hole when grouting. Available in soft rubber and requires a stainless steel clamp.
We stock 6” x 10” size.

yard hydrant

Yard Hydrant

A yard hydrant is a piece of plumbing hardware that attaches to buried water supply pipe outside of a well. It can be turned on and off to provide water from a private water supply system. It utilizes a Frost Proof design that helps provide water all year round. One of the most popular uses for Yard Hydrants is on a farm, where water is needed in many remote locations throughout the entire year. With a Yard Hydrant, you are able to effectively get water to these places no matter what the temperature outside is. This saves having to lug water from one building to another in order for animals to get water.
Yard hydrants are the easiest way to provide running water outside no matter what time of year it is.