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    Lance Pipe & Thermic Lance

    Offering both hollow and wire-filled options, our lance pipe and thermic lance products are designed to produce efficient solutions in a wide range of applications.

    Environmental Monitoring Supplies

    Featuring hard to find products for groundwater monitoring and drilling professionals, our environmental monitoring supplies range from PVC well casings & risers to J-Plugs and more.

    Water Conditioning Supplies

    Canpipe carries a large selection of residential and light commercial water conditioning supplies. Our focus in curating this line of products was safety, efficiency and value for your investment.

    Mining Application Supplies

    Our PVC liners, or blasthole liners, are designed to protect explosives against the loss of liquid or the collection of water inside the blast hole between drilling and blasting periods.

    Water Well Drilling Supplies

    Canpipe distributes a full-suite of products designed for water well drilling professionals, ranging from well screens to risers, casings, well caps and everything in between.

    Pump System Supplies

    Canpipe is a certified vendor & distributor of water pump systems, tanks & motors from the leading manufacturers around the globe.