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    PVC Blast Hole Liners

    PVC pipe riser

    PVC Blast Hole Liners

    Our blast hole liners are made with PVC pipe and are used to line the drilled holes in mining operations. A blast hole liner helps protect the explosive during the period between drilling and blasting by preventing loss of liquid explosive and by keeping water out of the blast hole.

    Material: PVC

    Dimensions: 2.125” O.D. x 1.75” I.D.

    Threads: Flush joint thread male and female, 4TPI, or 8TPI

    Uses: Exploration drilling holes to aid in the insertion and extraction of EM probes


    PVC Blast Hole Liner – Available in 5’ or 10’ flush joint lengths with 2 TPI, or custom thread.

    NQ Liner – Standard 10’ length. Custom lengths available.

    Canpipe has direct access to PVC manufacturers and can work with clients on any custom diameter and length pipe needed for unique Projects.

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