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SIM Series
(Softener, Ferrous Iron and Manganese Combination Removal)

SIM Series

Combining proven water softener capabilities with the ability to remove clear water iron, the SIM Series system provides an effective and economical solution to hard and iron contaminated water. In addition, the system, is specially designed for application in low pH (acidic) water. Hard water contains dissolved calcium and magnesium which build up inside your water heater, plumbing fixtures and appliances. The minerals also react with soap to form a scum which appears as bathtub ring, greys your laundry and leaves your hair dull and your skin itchy. Iron water leaves yellow, orange or brown stains on your laundry, sinks, tubs and toilets.

The SIM Series system contains a bed of fine mesh ion exchange resin beads. As water passes through the bed, calcium and magnesium, the hardness minerals, and any clear water iron are removed and held by the resin. The media combines to raise low pH water to prevent corrosion.