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Pressure Tanks

WM Series

The WM-Series offers features and benefits steel tanks just can’t match. From corrosion-proof composite construction, to lighter weight, easier maintenance and less expensive installation, WM-Series pressure tanks are the preferred choice of professionals.

  • Greater drawdown than comparably sized steel tanks yields greater efficiency.
  • Quicker and less costly to install, usually requiring only one person and fewer man-hours.
  • Wider pressure setting differential provides greater flexibility.
  • Residential, Light Commercial and Pressure Boosting Applications

UT Quick Connect Series

There’s no better tank choice for water treatment than our UT Quick Connect Series. Composite construction makes the entire line impervious to the chemicals found in aggressive water. Quick connect technology simplifies installation and change-out.

  • Multiple plumbing connections available: Brass or plastic, NPT, BSP, glued socket or sweat. Threadless, 360° rotating connection.
  • Higher Performance – When adapted for hydro-pneumatic applications, series provides 50% more drawdown than similarly sized conventional tanks.
  • Light weight minimizes labor cost; no need for heavy equipment.
  • Contact tanks for water treatment or hydro-pneumatic applications (with purchased accessories).

HP Tanks

Iron and sulfur removal? Hydrogen sulfide? Methane and other undesirable well gases? You need the high-performance of our HP Quick Connect Series of hydro-pneumatic tanks. These units can be used for aggressive water, or as an open system where air is introduced to oxidize and aerate.

  • Large drawdown ratio increases system efficiency.
  • Adapter and UT Drain Assembly (sold separately) allow you to add 1″ riser pipe to increase aeration of water.
  • Self-Adjusting Air Volume Control enhances system flexibility and ease of installation.
  • Applications for sulfur and iron water treatment, hypochloride environments and release of methane or other well gases.