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    Well Seals

    Well Seals

    Well Seals

    The well seal is placed at the top of the casing with the discharge pipe going right through the center. A well seals main two functions are first, to provide a tight seal ensuring water does not contaminate the well and second, it supports the weight of the drop pipe, submersible pump and water.

    A well seal is made up of a top and bottom plate that has a rubber gasket sandwiched in the middle. The entire well seal is held together by bolts and when those bolts are tightened they compress the rubber gasket, forcing it to make a water tight seal against the well casing and the drop pipe. The well seal is placed at the top of the casing with the discharge pipe going right through the center. There are bolts that are used to tighten the two halves together causing the rubber seal to expand out towards the inside of the well casing and the outside of the discharge pipe.


    • Available in solid and split state design. Having split plate well seals allows the contractor to bend the seal to get it loose and up out of the casing. This makes them easier to remove from the well casing if you need to service or repair the pump. If the well seal is the solid plate design, rust could form over time and the seal could be extremely difficult to remove. Solid top plates are more preferable from a structural strength point of view and they do provide superior sealing over the split plate design, making solid top plates suitable for all applications.
    • Available in Cast Iron or ABS
    • Dimensions are typically noted by well casing I.D., and drop pipe O.D.
    • Standard stock sizes range from 2″ – 6 ¼” I.D.

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