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    Well Casing/Riser (Steel)

    Well Casing Riser (Steel)

    Well Casing/Riser (Steel)

    By far most common casing material is carbon steel. Steel is easily formed into tubes, the ideal casing and screen configuration. When exposed to the atmosphere, water or soils, steel builds up a protective oxide coating which assures long life under mildly corrosive conditions. Steel possesses the high yield and tensile strengths required for water well use. Of particular importance are the characteristics of elasticity and resiliency inherent in steel. Casings may be subjected to underground external forces after installation. Steel permits absorption of many forces with maintenance of structural integrity. Another important quality of steel is its weldability, which helps facilitates proper field installation.

    Canpipe offers stock pipe in the following sizes:

    5.5” O.D.

    6.625” O.D.

    We also offer wall thickness of 0.188” and 0.219”

    Lengths offered are 10’ and 20’ lengths which can be available in the following forms:

    1. Plain End
    2. Threaded Both Ends
    3. Threaded and Coupled
    4. Insert Joint

    Canpipe can also provide additional diameters and wall thickness upon request.

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