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    PVC Well Casing/Riser

    PVC Well Casing/Riser

    PVC Well Casing/Riser

    The purpose of casing is to isolate freshwater zones so that they are not contaminated during the drilling process and completion of drilling.

    Our computer controlled machines produce flush joint threads that meet ASTM F-480 specifications. Schedule 40 pipe sizes from ½” to 8” diameter available from stock. 4TPI for diameters of ½”, ¾” and 1” and 2 TPI for remaining diameters. Schedule 80 pipe sizes from ½” to 8” made to order. Standard lengths are 5 and 10 feet. Custom lengths are available to 20 feet.


    • Groundwater monitoring
    • Observation wells
    • Recovery wells de-watering
    • Geological surveys
    • Relining steel wells
    • Horizontal drains
    • Domestic water wells

    It is also used as blast pipe lining in mining operations.

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