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    Jet-Lube®STERILENE is a sodium based, granular chlorine that does not require a control of pH using vinegar or acid to make it effective. It is far more effective than any other standard chlorine (liquid sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite). This means a lower cost, no premixing, and far less failures. It is non-oxidative which means, it will not cause corrosion and there are no corrosive fumes during usage and it will oxidize soluble minerals in water, causing discoloration. This product will not cause obtrusive, chlorine odors when used at the proper dosage levels.

    JET-LUBE® STERILENE is used to mitigate and control bacteria and other organisms which can create a slime that result in plugging and a reduction of the yield in a well. STERILENE is used as a source of free available chlorine (FAC), in the form of hypochlorous acid, for the disinfection of water. It is used as a means of disinfecting drinking-water, primarily in emergencies, when it provides an easy-to-use source of free chlorine, and more recently, as the form of chlorine for household potable water treatment; recognized acceptable by the World Health Organization.


    • 55% available chlorine
    • Granular but easy to mix, even in cold water
    • No premixing to control pH
    • No corrosive fumes
    • No shelf life limitations
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting
    • NSF 60 certified
    • Available stock in ½ lb. (227 g) jar and 1 gallon (3.9 kg) container and 5 gallon (22.68 kg) available upon request


    Dosage recommendations are 100 ppm.

    Less than 200’ of water in the well:
    Dosage chart on the 8.5 and 50 lb containers. This automatically calculates 2 volumes of the well per foot of water in the well. Multiply the footage of water in the well by this well volume. Have a mix tank at the well head with this amount of water. Start a pump, recirculate in the tank and slowly pour JET-Lube Sterilene into the intake of the pump for mixing. Pump or pour into the well.

    More than 200’ of water in the well:
    Follow the dosage and multiply by the total footage of water. Mix in a surface tank. Set a tremie line and displace the chlorine solution in 40’ increments from the bottom of the well upwards to the static level. For either condition, surge the well or recirculate chlorine with the pump. Pump into the system until a chlorine residual. Let set 4-5 hours or overnight. Pump to waste.

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