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    SmartFlo™ System

    SQE SmartFlo™ System

    SmartFlo™ System

    The Grundfos range of SmartFlo systems are complete packages allowing you to ensure constant water pressure in any home, irrigation or small commercial application. This system will constantly adapt pump performance to meet the demand for water.


    SQE SmartFlo

    For use in 3” or larger well, the CU301 unit can be used with all SQE applications from 1/2HP to 1-1/2HP.

    Main application is for domestic water supply, irrigation, pressure boosting and water transfer.


    • Soft start – prevents water hammering and electrical stress on service mains
    • High starting torque – even at low supply voltage, the SQE delivers a reliable water supply
    • Over/under voltage protection – protects the motor against unstable voltage supply by reducing speed or stopping the pump
    • Dry running protection – stops and protects the pump from damage


    SmartFlo SP

    This product is intended for 230V 1PH or 230V 3PH input and 208/230V output for above and below ground pumps up to 30.8 amps.

    Main application is for domestic and light commercial water supply, irrigation, livestock watering, and water transfer.


    • Easy setup – simply run the Start-up Wizard and choose pressure set point
    • System design approach – the SmartFlo drives works and combination of matched pump and motor (1-1/2HP to 7-1/2HP)
    • Built-in protection features – soft start, dry run, overload under/over voltage, sensor alarm, alarm relay and run relay
    • Wide voltage range – input: 1-phase and 3-phase  240VAC, output: 3-phase 208/240VAC
    • Outdoor enclosure: IPP66/Type 4X

    Sizing the SQE

    1. Calculate maximum head requirements at rated flow conditions using the calculation below
      • TDH = dynamic head + system pressure (in feet) + friction loss + above grade elevation (see chart below for TDH Calculation Sheet)
      • Quick conversion: Feet to PSI divide by 2.31, PSI to Feet multiply by 2.3
    2. Select pump from the chart below
      • Choose model family based on desired flow rate i.e. 15SQE for a flow rate of 15 GPM.
      • Using the SQE Smartflo sizing chart below, select the first model with a value in Column 2 that is greater than the Hmax calculated in Step 1 above.

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