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    SQE SmartFlo™ System

    SQE SmartFlo™ System

    SQE SmartFlo™ System

    This Grundfos system is a complete package designed to provide constant water pressure in any home, irrigation system or small commercial application. It is comprised of systems based around an SQE pump (½, ¾, 1, and 1.5HP) and CU301 Control Unit.

    The SmartFlo™ SQE/CU301 is used for 3” or larger wells with ½ – 1.5 HP pumps

    The CU 301 is a control and communication unit developed for SQE well pumps used in constant-pressure applications.

    The CU 301 communicates with the pump via mainsborne signalling (Power Line Communication), meaning that no extra cables are required between the CU 301 and the pump.

    The CU 301 control unit provides:

    • Full control of the SQE pump.
    • Two-way communication with the pump.
    • Simple pressure adjustments.
    • Alarm indication (LED) when service is needed.
    • Configuration with R100 remote control.
    • Configuration with Grundfos GO Remote.

    The CU 301 incorporates:

    • External signal input for pressure sensor
    • Connection to an operating relay for indication of pump operation

    Features & Benefits

    CU 301 can detect the following:

    • No contact to pump
    • Overvoltage
    • Under voltage
    • Speed reduction
    • Over temperature
    • Overload
    • Defective sensor

    Other Features include:

    • Pump running indicator
    • System pressure setting
    • System ON/OFF
    • Button lock indicator
    • Dry-running indicator

    SQE System Example

    • CU301:
    • Communicates with pump via power supply cables
    • Push button pressure set-point
    • View pump status – LED’s
    • Adjustable pressure setting
    • Low water level indicator – LED
    • Fault condition displayed by LED
    • Pressure Transducer:
    • Measures system pressure and sends signal back to CU301
    • 0-120 PSI
    • ½-inch NPT
    • Tank: provides pressure when pump starts – smooth’s out flow during flow demand

    Sizing the SQE

    1. Calculate maximum head requirements at rated flow conditions using the calculation below
      • TDH = dynamic head + system pressure (in feet) + friction loss + above grade elevation (see link below for TDH Calculation Sheet)
      • Quick conversion: Feet to PSI divide by 2.31, PSI to Feet multiply by 2.3
    2. Select pump from the chart below
      • Choose model family based on desired flow rate i.e. 15SQE for a flow rate of 15 GPM.
      • Using the link below, select the first model with a value in Column 2 that is greater than the Hmax calculated in Step 1 above.

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