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    Poly Pipe

    Poly Pipe

    Polyethylene Pipe (CSA 100 and CSA 75)

    Polyethylene pipe offer durable and flexible solutions for a wide range of applications. Polyethylene piping is resistant to corrosion in all ground conditions and its flexibility allows it to withstand ground movements. No protective layers or finishes are required. PE pipe is a common choice for trenchless and pipe bursting applications.

    We stock 100 and 75 psi LDPE poly pipe in 1” and 1 ¼” I.D. in 100’, 300’ and 1,000’ rolls.

    Additional psi ranges, diameters and lengths available upon request.

    Canpipe also carries drop pipe to connect to a submersible pump and carries the well water to the well head.

    Sizes in stock are in 1” and 1 ¼” in SCH 80 PVC.

    Canpipe also carries drop pipe coupling to easily connect the pipe sections. This pipe has NPT threads on both ends.

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