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    SCALA 1 (Pressure Boosting)

    The SCALA 1 is a self-priming, multi-stage, Bluetooth enabled booster pump suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Scala 1 delivers water on demand and is constructed with corrosion resistant materials to ensure longevity and trouble-free operation. Provided it is filled with water, the pump can lift water from a depth of 26 feet in less than five minutes. Plus, it’s quiet and discreet with a noise level less than 55 dBA (A-weighted decibels) – about as loud as an average coffee maker.

    Perhaps the most unique feature of Scala 1 is its communication with the Grundfos GO Remote app via built-in Bluetooth technology. This enables ample customization and detailed monitoring, making Scala 1 an excellent choice for countless applications. Through the app on your smartphone, you can shut the pump down, receive alerts when the pump runs dry or runs too long, receive pump diagnostics and statuses, and personalize many other settings and features.

    Lastly, Scala 1 is twin booster enabled, which permits a simple twin pump set-up for larger commercial needs. Whether you use it to boost the water pressure in your home, irrigate your garden, pump water from a storage tank, or commercially, the Scala 1 pump can be adapted to your preferences.

    SCALA 2 (Constant Pressure Boosting)

    The SCALA 2 is a self-priming, compact booster pump equipped with integrated speed control for pressure boosting in domestic applications. It can lift water from a depth of 26 feet in less than five minutes, allows for perfect water pressure, and is energy efficient. Plus, the pump is small enough to fit inside a kitchen cabinet and has a low noise level of 47 dBA, which is as quiet as a modern dishwasher.

    Although, integrated speed control is undoubtedly Scala 2’s standout feature. Integrated speed control means the pump performance will adjust to water demand, enabling the ability to keep perfect pressure in all of your home’s taps regardless of how many are being used at a given time. The integrated speed control sensor measures pressure discharged from the pump. If there is a difference between the pressure output and the desired pressure level set by the homeowner, pump speed will increase or decrease to reach the preset levels and maintain constant pressure in the system.

    Currently, a smartphone connection is unavailable for the Scala 2, so it cannot be controlled via the Grundfos GO Remote app. However, plans are in place to equip future Scala 2 models with the necessary Bluetooth technology.

    Comparison Chart

    • Feature SCALA 1 SCALA 2
      Maximum Flow 32 GPM 22 GPM
      Maximum Head 185 ft. (56.4 M) 154 ft. (47 M)
      Liquid Temperature 32°F to 133°F 32°F to 133°F
      Low Noise 55 dBA 47 dBA
      Indoor/Outdoor Yes Yes
      Auto Start/Stop Yes Yes
      Self-Priming Yes Yes
      Alarm Indication Yes Yes
      Dry-Run Protection Yes Yes
      Anti-Cycling Protection Yes Yes
      Maximum Runtime Protection Yes Yes
      Bluetooth Connection Yes No
      Twin Enabled Yes No
      External Input Yes No
      Adjustable Constant Pressure No Yes
      Integrated Frequency Converter No Yes

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