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    Novo 485 HEDP Dual Pass Softening System


    Novo 485 HEDP Dual Pass Softening System

    Engineered for residential and light commercial applications, including boiler feed systems, that have high hardness water supplies (typically .75 gpg). The 485 HEDP offers consistent, softer water by using a two-tank system to prevent hardness leakage or `slippage`. The first tank acts as the workhorse by significantly reducing the water hardness. The second tank acts as a `polisher` and prevents slippage. The HEDP uses reverse flow regeneration and precision brining to reduce annual salt and water costs and is more cost effective than larger single tank systems.

    Features (same features as the HE model with the following additions)

    • Two tank system provides softer, more consistent water quality and prevents hardness slippage which can occur in single tank systems
    • Perfect for high hardness (typically > 75 gpg) residential and light commercial applications such as boiler feed systems
    • More cost effective than larger single tank systems

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