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    Lance Pipe and Thermic Lance (Burning Bars)

    lance pipes and thermic burning bars

    Lance Pipe and Thermic Lance (Burning Bars)

    The difference between lance pipe and thermic lance is that the lance pipe is hollow and the thermic lance is filled with wire rods. They are both connected to a source of oxygen and ignited.

    Lance pipe is used to remove the carbon from the molten metal in blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces and also induction and electric furnaces.

    A thermic lance is a pipe or tube filled with wire rods. The lance is connected to a source of oxygen and ignited. As the thermic lance is consumed, heat is generated enabling the bars to melt a variety of materials. It is specifically designed for cutting and piercing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, with precision and speed.

    Lance Pipe

    Lance pipes are hollow and designed to produce extreme and concentrated heat when connected to a source of oxygen and ignited.

    Burning at heats exceeding 3000 degrees C, they’re used to cut a variety of tough materials, and are leveraged by our partners in the steel and smelting industries.


    • Opening furnace tap holes
    • Cleaning ladle well blocks
    • Unclogging tundish nozzles
    • Ladle maintenance
    • Cutting ferrous materials

    Thermic Pipe

    This uniquely designed lance packed with wires results in a high intensity flame of concentrated thermal energy; allowing you to cut through large objects with speed and ease.

    The Thermic Lance can produce a combustion heat above 3,000 degrees C; it will melt solidified metals, slag, concrete, rock and refractory with ease.

    Other terms for this product is exothermic lance, mag rod, and mag bar.


    • Cleaning out freeze-ups in furnaces or ladles.
    • Cutting spills into pieces that can be easily handled.
    • Removing cupola skulls.
    • Opening difficult tap holes.
    • Cutting and removing refractory materials.
    • Salvaging heavy sections of cast iron and non-ferrous metals, such as bronze, copper, aluminum and stainless steel.
    • Penetrating holes or severing sections of concrete.
    • Underwater cutting applications.


    1/8” 0.405” O.D. 10.287 O.D. mm
    1/4" 0.540" O.D. 13.716 O.D. mm
    3/8” 0.675" O.D. 14.145 O.D. mm
    1/2" 0.840" O.D. 21.336 O.D. mm
    3/4" 1.050" O.D. 26.670 O.D. mm
    1" (Lance Pipe Only) 1.315" O.D. 33.401 O.D. mm
    Available in any length up to 21 feet. Made to customer specifications.

    End Finishes

    • Threaded & Coupled
    • Plain End
    • Push Fit Quick Couple
    • Threaded

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