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    N-SEAL™ acid soluble lost circulation material is specially formulated, extrusion-spun mineral fiber. Due to its solubility in weak acids, N-SEAL lost circulation material is easily removed from production zones.

    Available in 30 lb. bag.


    N-SEAL lost circulation material can be used as an additive for loss of circulation in concentrations up to 70 lb/100 gallons (86 kg/ m³). It is inert.


    NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified. Acid soluble. Can be easily wetted. Inorganic and non-fermenting.

    Recommended Treatment

    lbs./bbl* lbs./100 gals kg/ m³
    2.0 – 30.0 5.0 – 70.0 6.0 – 84.0
    * 1 bbl = 42 U.S. gallons

    N-SEAL™ acid soluble loss of circulation material can be added directly through the hopper.
    Prior to pumping N-SEAL™ acid soluble loss of circulation material be sure to remove all in-line screens in circulating system.

    The above are generalized concentrations of N-SEAL™ acid soluble loss of circulation material to be added to water-based drilling fluids. The ultimate usage concentration will be based on local geology, application and mixing efficiency. In the event that further information is needed, please refer to the Product Data Sheet or contact your local Baroid IDP representative.

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