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    Pel-Plug TR30 is a clean, virtually odorless and easy to handle 3/8” bentonite pellet which combines the high quality yield of western sodium bentonite with a biodegradable non-sticking coating. This coating allows the pellets to be poured through standing water without sticking together, eliminating voids and bridging. Pellets should be allowed to hydrate for a minimum 4 hours (depending on water quality). Full hydration time is 24 hours.

    Available in 50 lbs. pails


    1. Clean, dust-free, and easy to handle.
    2. Non-toxic and non-polluting.
    3. Can be poured directly into place for the highest density per cubic foot (accumulation) of any existing grouting method, dry or wet.
    4. No mixing required; thus, eliminates the needs for large and expensive grouting units, eliminates the problem of over mixing, and reduces labor costs.
    5. Do not disintegrate upon swelling; seals are tough but flexible and do not crack when subjected to movement.

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