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    HOLEPLUG® 3/8


    HOLEPLUG® 3/8

    The 3/8″ HOLEPLUG® is screen-sized bentonite composed of a naturally occurring clay which is used to seal and plug earthen boreholes. The 3/8″ HOLEPLUG® material will travel through water standing in the hole and reach the bottom of the hole with minimum hydration or swelling (100% of the particles pass through 3/8” screen; all particles retained on 1/4” SCREEN).

    Baroid has made the switch to plastic packaging to keep your Holeplug® intact and your product available for the job you want it for.  Days of soggy, broken and useless bags will no longer be an issue.


    Grouting annulus in all types of wells, particularly environmental monitoring well applications. Sealing above gravel packs. Plugging decommissioned boreholes. Stemming shotholes. Sealing around conductor pipe.


    NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified. Helps prevent entry of surface water into boreholes. High swelling potential. In situ swelling to provide a superior seal with excellent casing stabilization. Helps prevent vertical movement of fluids in the hole between porous zones.

    Recommended Treatment

    Due to shipping and handling, a small amount of fine bentonite particles may be present. For optimum results, HOLEPLUG® bentonite should be poured over a mesh or screen with ¼” (6.4 mm) openings to “sift out” the smaller particles. The screen should be large enough (approx.1 yd² or 1m²) to be folded into a “V” shape to allow sifting while the product is being poured into the hole. Also, HOLEPLUG® bentonite should be poured slowly into standing water, if possible. Allow approximately two minutes to pour a 50 lbs. (22.7 kg) bag.

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