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    EZ-SEAL® one-sack granular bentonite product is intended for use as an easily mixed grouting and plugging material.


    Sealing or grouting of plastic and steel casings. Plugging abandoned boreholes and filling earthen cavities. Grouting of loops for ground source heat pumps. Reduction of lost circulation. Stabilization of broken and unconsolidated formations.


    NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified. Easy to mix and apply, just add fresh water. Flexibility in application rate and grout set time. Good structural integrity.

    Recommended Treatment

    % Solids Grout Water, gallon Water, liter Yield Volume, gallon Yield Volume, Liters
    15.0 33.0 125.0 35.3 133.6
    20.0 24.0 91.0 26.3 99.6
    23.0 20.0 76.0 22.3 84.4

    Once EZ-SEAL® bentonite is added to the mixing water, the slurry will have an “oatmeal consistency” containing un-yielded and partially hydrated bentonite granules. It is recommended the product be blended only long enough to gain suspension of the EZ-SEAL® material. Immediately tremie the grout into place to allow the bentonite granules to hydrate and swell in situ. Do not over mix and do not use a centrifugal pump.

    It is recommended that Soda Ash (sodium carbonate) be added to the make-up water prior to the addition of EZ-SEAL® granular bentonite for reduction of excess calcium and pH adjustment.

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