Canpipe Limited

Environmental Monitoring Supplies




This product consists of stone, cement and sand and available in 66 lb. bags (30 kg) and skids of 56 bags.

• Ideal for new concrete construction projects, concrete overlays and repairs
• Construct footings, sidewalks, slabs, steps and patios; set deck posts, fence posts and poles
• For applications requiring a thickness of more than 2 inches (5 cm)
• Reaches a compressive strength of 17 MPa (2500 psi) in 3 days
• Ready to use; just add water

Rapid Post

This product is a rapid setting concrete mix available in 66 lb. bags (30 kg) and skids of 56 bags

• Ideal for the rapid setting of fence posts and poles
• Simultaneously pour with water, from bag to hole, and then agitate with a rod or stick
• Easy to use; no bracing required
• Sets in minutes and posts can be used after just 3 hours

Other aggregates and asphalt products available upon request.